Bay Area Private Security GuardsOur professional uniformed Bay Area private security guards can help enhance the image of a business, guide customers and guests, prevent loss of assets, maintain order and ensure that procedures and guidelines are properly followed. We are also determined to prevent disruptions at Bay Area special events. At Red Sea Private Security, we have extensive hiring procedures for security officers. We do thorough background checks, check references, conduct personal interviews and we predominantly hire only candidates with prior security experience.

Don’t assume that you need an armed security officer. Our experience has taught us that uniformed unarmed security personnel who are alert and visible at all times are actually more effective. We select our employees carefully, and we train them to be customer-oriented. Observe and prevent is our top priority instead of engaging in unnecessary confrontations. We always make sure our private security guards are professionally dressed and are paid well, more than the industry average. Often the security officer at the front desk is the first impression a client gets of your firm and we want to make sure we deliver a highly professional appearance.

We are devoted in strengthening the connection between our employees and clients, while at the same time remaining committed to quality service. Once we agree to be in charge of your security needs, we study the position and provide the right officers who are properly trained and equipped for the needs of the position. We offer both long and short term contracts.

Some of the services our Bay Area private security guards provide include:

• Uniformed unarmed private security guards
• Security patrol services
• Escort services
• Shopping center security      
• Special event security
• Private security service for construction sites
• Security guards for night clubs
• Security guards for warehouses
• Security guards for gated communities
• Security service for restaurants
• Home & apartment security services
• Hotels & motels security services
• Foot and/or vehicle patrol of interior and exterior areas of assigned locations

Private secutiry guard activities include:

• Observe and report suspicious activities and persons.
• We maintain daily activity reports (DARs), and write detailed information about any unusual incidents.
• Respond to emergency situations requiring security assistance, and contact local law enforcement officers when necessary.
• Screen visitors and client employees in an efficient manner in order to expedite or prevent their admittance to the site.
• Check for unsafe conditions, hazards, unlocked doors, security violations and unauthorized persons
• Provide excellent customer care to our Bay Area clients and their customers
• Other duties as assigned by clients